Established in 1911, Amateur Radio Victoria (ARV) maintains its pivotal role in amateur radio endeavors. Following the nationalisation of the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA), ARV has redirected its focus towards state-centric matters while upholding its constitutional commitment and WIA membership, advocating for continued access to radio spectrum for its members.

ARV boasts a rich history of advocacy, actively engaging in government inquiries, including those pertaining to television and radio broadcasting, as well as contributing to reviews such as the response to the Ash Wednesday disaster and discussions on municipal planning laws.

Serving as a primary point of contact for public inquiries through its website and voluntary office, ARV provides essential services, offering Foundation training and assessments on a regular basis. Moreover, it occasionally conducts bridging courses for qualification upgrades and extends support regarding deceased estates.

The state-wide organisation maintains an extensive network of repeaters and propagation beacons, a weekly broadcast and is building a new emergency communication facility following the Black Saturday bushfires.

Through its funding it has enabled the digitisation of the Amateur Television repeater VK3RTV and supports the regional Bendigo ATV repeater VK3RBO.


Amateur Radio Victoria is the licensee for the majority of VK3 repeaters. Our regular spend on repeater maintenance is in excess of $20,000 each year. This includes equipment maintenance, insurance, site fees and licences.

RFI, EMR and mast advice

This has changed over the years as there has been a VCAT ruling that amateurs can use as a precedent to obtain permission for towers.

Most problems amateurs encounter these days are that they do not have engineering calculations for home built or second hand towers.

Planning permission is needed
  • For a mast more than 3m above the highest point of a building
  • Or if a free standing tower NOT attached to a building and height more than 8m above the ground. (Source VBA Practice Note 2016-32)

Amateur Radio Victoria doesn't represent anyone at VCAT hearings but have in the past provided written submissions.

Deceased estates

The relatives and friends of a radio amateur no longer able to continue with the hobby as the result of illness, moving into a nursing home or death often need help and advice.

Over many years Amateur Radio Victoria has provided a service to ensure the appropriate disposal of equipment and other material. Each case is different. It may be a simple amateur radio station, or a room, garage or shed full of miscellaneous items collected over decades.

Knowledgeable people are available to evaluate the equipment and provide advice on whether it can be sold, donated or needs to be discarded. To obtain help contact estates@amateurradioamateurradio.com.auau or our office.

Historical Victorian Division

A message from the VK3 Council to the VK2 Council during the war in 1944. Due to transmitters being confiscated.

The Hams, 1946 ABC program.

Privacy statement

Amateur Radio Victoria is not required by law to have a privacy statement, however it voluntarily makes a commitment to the principles of the privacy legislation.

In doing so it considers the relationship with its members as extremely important and is committed to protecting their privacy.

It collects information about members including:
  • Eligibility for membership
  • Name
  • Callsign(s)
  • Postal and email addresses
This information is required to
  • assess the eligibility and category of membership
  • maintain a proper record of members
  • enable the provision of services to members (including a e-newsletter)
  • to generally facilitate the normal operations of Amateur Radio Victoria.

The information is securely stored. It is not shared with third parties except as required by law.

Should you have any concerns or questions about the use of your personal information held by Amateur Radio Victoria, contact the Secretary, Ross Pittard VK3CE vk3ce@amateurradioamateurradio.com.auau

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