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Amateur Radio Victoria is the licensee for the majority of VK3 repeaters. Our regular spend on Victorian Repeater maintenance is in excess of $20,000 each year. This includes equipment maintenance, insurance, site fees and licences.

10 Metre

6 Metre
VK3RMS Olinda
VK3RWZ Mt William

2 Metre & 70cm
VK3RSG Bass Hill
VK3RWZ 2m Mt William (91.5Hz Tone)
VK3RWU Mt William
VK3RMM Mt Macedon 2m
VK3RMM Mt Macedon 70cm (New Receive aerial)
VK3RMM 70cm Dstar (New Receive aerial)
VK3RPU Arthurs Seat
VK3RML Mt Dandenong 91.5Hz Tone
VK3RWM Mt Arapiles
VK3RNU Mt Stanley (waiting fit out)
VK3RCV Mt Alexander
VK3RBO Specimen Hill
VK3RBA Mt Buninyong (91.5Hz Tone)
VK3RMK Mt Kerang (Some pager interference. Awaiting riggers for antenna relocation)
VK3RCU Mt Moliagul
VK3RGU Mt Carrajung
VK3RBU Mt Hollowback
VK3RNE Mt Big Ben
VK3RPB Mt Porepunkah
VK3RGS Mt Fatigue (Off Air)
VK3RVL Robinvale
VK3RGV Mt Wombat (New mast, aerial upgrade and hut refurbishment in progress)
VK3RDU Mt Major
VK3REB Mt Nowa Nowa
VK3RMU Mt St Leonard
VK3RNC Mt Mitta Mitta
VK3RLV Mt Tassie
VK3RMA Mildura
VK3RPU Arthurs Seat
VK3RWG Mt Baw Baw
VK3BWI HF/VHF/UHF (News relay at 1030Hrs and 2000Hrs local time Sunday)
VK3REG Mt Cann
VK3RGL Mt Anakie
VK3RGC Montpellier (suffers heat problems when temp rises above 33C)
VK3RWA Ben Nevis
VK3RWL Mt Warrnambool (currently restoring)
VK3ROW Beech Forrest (Off air waiting new tower)
VK3RHO Mt Hotham (relocation under way)


VK3RBO Bendigo Input Frequency 1250Mhz FM. Sound Carrier 6Mhz. Output 2.415Ghz Analogue 446.5Mhz DVB-T
VK3RTV Melbourne