The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club of San Bernardino, California, is hosting the 18th annual 'Route 66 On The Air' special event Septembe

Two big sunspot groups are now facing Earth with predictions they could herald Earth-directed flares.

It has been in the headlines daily of late, but the annual 'DXCC Most Wanted' list by ClubLog puts the Democratic People’s Republic of Ko

This remote Australian Territory Indian Ocean location has a new radio amateur Cliff Tindall VK9VKL who in a short time has qualified for

The removal of both Midway and Kure under the DX Entities rule was necessary because of their altered status.

A bid to hold a DXpedition in December has been put on hold as tensions continue in the South China Seas.

At the end of October comes the major CQ World Wide SSB Contest with lots of callsigns, many countries and zones on all bands from 160m t

The DX WORLD Newsletter reports that Dom Grzyb 3Z9DX of Poland is to make a return visit to the much wanted DX entity of North Korea.

Often on the 20m band is what DXers claim is a pirate who says he’s in Bagdad and has been heard using a number of bogus callsigns.

What promised to be the first large DXpedition to make sought after P5 North Korea has been cancelled, amid claims that the lack of fundi

Gaining the DXCC by confirming 100 DX entities is hard on any band, let alone through orbiting satellites.

The DX world is awaiting the planned visit to the rare DX entity by P5/3Z0DX this year, despite a claim to the contrary that labels it as

Claims and a counter claim is being made about putting North Korea on the amateur bands with government approval.

After logging several hundred from North Korea in a demonstration, Polish radio amateur Dom Grzyb 3Z9DX is off air, scoring the first ope

Often quoted, an ionic reliable source, the DX Magazine will no longer survey its readers on their wanted DX entity, to avoid duplication


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