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Advanced licence

Advanced theory trial exams

Advanced trial theory exam 1
Advanced trial theory exam 2

This is the top level of licence which brings with it full operating privileges including higher transmit power and access to 25 frequency bands. With this licence also comes portability of qualification enabling you to operate in many other countries which can be helpful while on a holiday or business trip.

The Advanced licence requires being found competent by way of a 50 question multiple choice written theory assessment and a multiple choice written regulations assessment. If you have not already done a practical assessment under either a Foundation or Standard licence, you will need to do that too.

The Advanced licence is formally recognised as a partial exemption as prior learning and may exempt a holder form needing to complete some training modules at TAFE. Particularly for young people this licence greatly helps to expand an interest in communications, electronics or science. For those considering a technical career, being a radio amateur can certainly be of benefit.